Sunday, September 17, 2017

Snake Island Lighthouse

In the 1920s, a lighthouse keeper was assigned to the island with his wife and five year old daughter. The lighthouse was used to warn boats of the treacherous currents surrounding Snake Island.
During one supply trip, the crew found the lighthouse abandoned and the door left open. Eventually the family was found, dead, along a path to the hillside. Legend has it that despite protective walls around the lighthouse, a snake had gotten in.
To this day, many who visit the island claim to hear a young girl's faint laughter floating on the wind.

From – Discover, Treasure Quest.

The following was cut and pasted from the archives of another site. Pretty much the same information from both sources.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Save Outdoor Sculpture! | Flickr

Save Outdoor Sculpture! | Flickr

Save Outdoor Sculpture! (SOS!) is a program committed to the
preservation and celebration of America's outdoor sculptures. SOS! works
to generate appreciation, enthusiasm, and a sense of ownership for
America's largest collection of art and to promote outdoor sculpture as
an education resource.

Nationwide, nearly 7,000 volunteers
collected information about the history and condition of their
communities' public sculpture. Unfortunately, they discovered that much
of America's outdoor sculpture is at risk. More than half of the 32,000
public sculptures documented by SOS! volunteers needed conservation or

Save Outdoor Sculpture! / American Art

Save Outdoor Sculpture! / American Art

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Urban Combing – Wrecky Rat Bird

Urban Combing – Wrecky Rat Bird

Think of it as beach combing for urban explorers. What can you find in your local area?

My Canadian Urban Exploration Links

These are sites I keep on Blogger/ Blogspot. I keep finding them abandoned on Blogger. I'm an editor for the Open Directory Project where a lot of old and interesting links get submitted, reviewed and listed or not. There are a lot of abandoned blogs. I've only saved a few.

My main site is not on Blogger.

Wrecky Rat Bird

When my nephew was a little boy he called all the abandoned places "wrecky rat bird". The name stuck with me. 

I photograph abandoned and derelict places in Ontario. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ghost Signs

Ghost Signs

Before billboards advertising (names of businesses most often rather than ads as we think of them now) was painted on the sides of buildings.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Abandoned Places: Rural Decay

Rural Places:

Flickr: Rural Deterioration
Flickr: Rural Decay 2  
Flickr: Rural Exploration 

Abandoned Farms
This Old House, Barn Building
Farms, Barns and Old Homesteads
Barns, Sheds and Other Rustic Rural Buildings
Derelict Farms

Flickr: Murder Shack -  pictures of rural shacks, sheds, or houses.

Abandoned Places: Urban Decay

Urban Places: These are not specific to any regional location. Also, does not include Industrial Decay.

Flickr: Urban Exploration
Flickr: Urban Decay
Flickr: Abandoned City  
Flickr: Urban Explorers  
Flickr: The Urban Decay Squad 
Flickr: Urban Secret and Forgotten Places 
Flickr: Urban Exploration Picture Group
Flickr: Urban Explora
Flickr: Statics Urban Exploring

Flickr: Some Urban Decay
Flickr: Urban Abandonments
Flickr: Art of Urbex

Flickr: Urbex: Urban Exploration
Flickr: U.E.
Flickr: Urban Exploration: Exploring Abandonments

Flickr: Urban Lemons  

Flickr: Passion for Urbex Stairs  

Flickr: Urbex Portraits  - Self portraits of urban explorers.

Flickr: Baked Urbex - "not just any HDR shots of Urban settings, but shots that are heavily baked with tools like Photomatix, Photoshop, etc. The more crispy the shot, the better".

Urban Exploration Webring 
Urbex Forum

Abandoned Places and Things: Generic Sites

Groups or sites which don't have a specific location or type of abandoned place/ thing. Generic abandonment. Sites without niches.

ExploNation - photographic view of the normally unseen or off-limits parts of urban areas or industrial facilities.

Global Infiltration

LiveJournal: Abandoned Places

Flickr: Tresspassing 
Flickr: Infiltration
Flickr: Old and Beautiful
Flickr: I Love Abandonment!
Flickr: Abandoned : No HDR, No Tints, No crazy vignetting
Flickr: Abandoned
Flickr: Old and Forgotten
Flickr: Old and Abandoned

Flickr: Abandoned Places and Things  
Flickr: Decaying 

Flickr: Rot Squad
Flickr: Abandoned but Not Forgotten
Flickr: Abandonment
Flickr: Decayed Yet Hauntingly Beautiful
Flickr: The Decayed and the Abandoned
Flickr: Abandoned, Neglected, Weathered, or Rusty
Flickr: The Beauty of Neglect and Ruin

Flickr: Beautifully Ruined
Flickr: Abandoned Adventures
Flickr: Abandoned Beauties
Flickr: Abandoned Buildings and Such 
Flickr: The Abandoned and the Forgotten 

Flickr: Abandoned Places 
Flickr: The Abandoned 
Flickr: Decay 
Flickr: Beautiful Decay

Flickr: Eerie, Creepy or Spooky Places  
Flickr: Spooky Exterior 

Abandoned Things: Transportation in Decay

Vehicles, Railroads, Boats and Roads, anything to do with transportation.

Flickr: Jalopy or Junked
Flickr: Abandoned Buses 
Flickr: Forgotten Cars  

Flickr: Lost Railroad Tracks
Flickr: Abandoned Railroad Grades or Roadbeds, Bridges, Tunnels 
Flickr: Railway Preservation
Flickr: Train Stations - The Older the Better 

Flickr: Abandoned Bicycles

Flickr: Abandoned Roads

Abandoned Places: Industrial Decay

Industrial places and locations.

Industrial Decay Blog
Flickr: Industrial Decay
Flickr: Post Industrial World
Flickr: Industry_Industrie_Industria 
Flickr: The End of Industry 
Flickr: Industrial Culture - A lot of decayed places, but not all are abandoned. Not required for this group.
Flickr: Industrial Abandonment

Ghost Signs

Ghost signs, faded signs, signs for businesses which have moved on (one way or another) and left a trace of themselves.

Flickr: Ghost Signs
Flickr: GhostSigns (Same name but a different group).
Flickr: Ghost Neon Signs
Flickr: Faded Signage
Flickr: Dead Signs

Flickr: Chicago Ghost Signs

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ghost Towns

 Generic sites or groups will be listed here. Check by location for more ghost towns.

Ghost Towns - US and Canada.

Flickr: Geisterhäuser Ghost Houses