Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Abandoned Places: Urban Decay

Urban Places: These are not specific to any regional location. Also, does not include Industrial Decay.

Flickr: Urban Exploration
Flickr: Urban Decay
Flickr: Abandoned City  
Flickr: Urban Explorers  
Flickr: The Urban Decay Squad 
Flickr: Urban Secret and Forgotten Places 
Flickr: Urban Exploration Picture Group
Flickr: Urban Explora
Flickr: Statics Urban Exploring

Flickr: Some Urban Decay
Flickr: Urban Abandonments
Flickr: Art of Urbex

Flickr: Urbex: Urban Exploration
Flickr: U.E.
Flickr: Urban Exploration: Exploring Abandonments

Flickr: Urban Lemons  

Flickr: Passion for Urbex Stairs  

Flickr: Urbex Portraits  - Self portraits of urban explorers.

Flickr: Baked Urbex - "not just any HDR shots of Urban settings, but shots that are heavily baked with tools like Photomatix, Photoshop, etc. The more crispy the shot, the better".

Urban Exploration Webring 
Urbex Forum

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