Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Forgotten/ Abandoned Things

By things I mean objects versus locations. Trying to decide whether some things are a thing or a place, like pools, for instance. But, if I don't get confused it should work out. 

Found Magazine
Mothballer Found Photos
Found Film

Flickr: Lost, Abandoned and Photographed

Flickr: Forgotten

Flickr: Derelict and Abandoned Things 
Flickr: Retired Objects 


Flickr: Abandoned Furniture
Flickr: Abandoned Chairs
Flickr: Chairs at Abandonments
Flickr: Forgotten Furniture
Flickr: Sofa Free!

Flickr: Abandoned Pools


Flickr: Lost or Abandoned Shoes


Flickr: Wonders of Oxidation
Flickr: Abandoned Machinery

Flickr: Old Playground Furniture
Flickr: Abandoned Playgrounds

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